Hip Hop Hip Hop
Kailey and Emily Kailey and Emily
Dance Down Dance Down
Bunnies Bunnies
Bonny Leap Bonny Leap
Kaylee, Abby, Liv Kaylee, Abby, Liv
Tap Shoes Tap Shoes
Jayla Toe Touch Jayla Toe Touch
Maelee Ring Jump Maelee Ring Jump
BAck Jazz Girls BAck Jazz Girls
Madison Split Madison Split
Kaylee Shoulder Stand Kaylee Shoulder Stand
Holding Hands Holding Hands
Grace Grace
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Welcome to our website. Please take a moment to browse all the information our studio has to offer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and thank you for visiting EDE
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What's Happening
Daycare dance classes
available at EDE once again this year. Minimum class size required.
Mini Hip Hoppers Class
Acro Class
Acro: Floor skills, without the use of equipment, somersaults, cartwheels, roundoffs, back and front walk overs, hand springs, ariels, etc .
EDE Testimonies"
- "We recently moved to Colorado from Williston and Hadley has started dance at a local studio. At age 9, she has been placed in a Jr High age level class as the teachers said she must have had awesome teachers at her previous studio (EDE) because she has great technique and focus" - Sara
Elizabeth's Dance Studio

Due to the current "Stay In Place"
requirements and No School throughout
the US, EDE will not be holding regular
classes this week.

Online classes available for
EDE students :)
Delivered right to you :)

Stay in touch EDE family :)
We miss you all!!!!

The month of
April marks
Passover & Good Friday
Birthstone: Diamond
Birthflower: Daisy & Sweet Pea
Zodiac Signs: Aries & Taurus

Fun Facts:
"April Fools Day"
April 6th "International Pillow Fight Day"
April 7th "National No Housework Day"
April 7th .. The Full Pink Moon
The Biggest & Brightest Supermoon of 2020

Summer schedule coming soon...

To register or to
receive emails from our studio

Sign up with the link above to begin
receiving emails from EDE

April Birthdays at EDE :)

Madison Mogren
Alivia Lowery
Kaeley Kulstad
Rosaline Mya Tambe
Quinn Esperum
Jemma Matthews
Brynlee Fischer
Baila Egge
Brooklynn Velo
Thea Fedler
Aspen Bard

Happy Birthday Dancers!!!

Studio Location:
619 2nd St. W. #C

Hedahls Auto Plus
Home Comforts
DAWA Solutions Group
Trendy Tangles - Sami

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